Sigma Hotels Security guide

Security Guides:

Hello and welcome to this training session! My name is (name) and I will be your security trainer for today!

Remember to always focus on me when the training starts!
As a Hotel Officer, your job is to keep the society of Sigma Hotel in its best conditions.

You’re the one who is in charge of dealing with the trollers and exploiters that may affect your daily shift at the hotel.

You only have I role to do which is security. Don’t try to do any other job like checking-in people because this will instantly result in a demotion.
If you need help with anything, feel free to ask your other fellow staff members at the hotel.

Security Rules:

I. Use grammar at all times. If you fail using it, it will result in a demotion from our hotel.

II. Don’t abuse cuffs by cuffing people who are innocent. If we catch you doing this, you will be banned from our group with a blacklist on the group.

III. Always respect other ranks, failing to do so will result in a ban.

Steps to be promoted:

I. Stay active and patrol around the hotel.

II. Helping out new security trainees is a hint to get a promotion fast.

III. Attend your shift at the hotel with at least an hour a day.

Working at the hotel:

Trollers are found daily in the games of Roblox. It’s your job to deal with them.

Dealing with a troller might be hard, but we professionally deal with them.

Simply give them a warning. Here is the template for the warning: Warning (Number) | (Reason) | (Username).

After III warnings call a Corporate Officer+ (HR).

If you witness an exploiter, call an SHR immediately! If no SHR is available, call a Corporate Officer+.

Exploiters have the power to destroy the whole map, so it’s better for all of us if the SHR’s deal with this.


Abusing here is not accepted by any chance at our hotel. If we catch you abusing, you’ll be banned.

Racism or any kind of discrimination, Trolling is also not accepted in our hotel. Caught doing so will result in a punishment.

Abusing cuffs is a straight forward demotion if we catch you doing it.


I. How many warnings do trollers get?

II. What are you not allowed to do to guests?

III. What do you do when there is an exploiter?

IV. Are you allowed to work as a receptionist when there are no receptionists?

Then do the troll test.