Sign in using iCloud Keychain

If the ROBLOX app would adopt the ability to use the password stored for for a specific username to login to the app, it would make the login experience much easier.

Me, just like a lot of people, use a very long and complicated password and can’t be bothered to remember it. Of course this makes signing into the native app a pain, but on websites it is stored in my iCloud Keychain and easily accessible. I’ve seen multiple other apps be able to do this, so I know the possibility is there.


This sounds like it’s your problem. When designing a long password jumble a load of easy to remember things together in a specific sequence, then just remember the sequence. It’ll be easy for you to remember and very difficult for others to guess.

I can see how this would be useful, but maybe the reasoning behind it isn’t quite right.

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Maybe the reasoning behind “designing” passwords isn’t quite right either and generating passwords is better than designing them. I’m pretty sure that any password that can be remembered by a human is either going to be reused in many places or is not secure against offline attacks. I doubt people can remember more than a few random passphrases, too, though that would be a better option than passwords now that there is no longer a 20-character limit…

Password managers are not only more convenient but also more secure; they just need to be supported by applications.


That’s exactly how I did my password!

You do know wordlists and rainbow tables exist?

A generated password is much much safer.
Especially different generated passwords for every account you have.

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This has very little relevance to what I was discussing.

Parents birthday: 01/02/50 and 02/03/40
Middle name: Jasper
Backwards: repsaJ
Favorite animal: Cat


Easy enough to remember… Mom’s birthday, first half of middle name, favorite animal (with an exclamation because it’s your favorite) backwards in capitals, Dad’s birthday backwards, second half of middle name.

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I’d also like Google Smart Lock implemented with ROBLOX (please can you add this to your original suggestion so it gets seen!)

Support for that would make my life a lot easier.