Signs // Create TextLabels Instantly with Ease & Versatility


Signs is a Roblox Studio plugin that helps users create TextLabels for their projects quickly and safely. Simple to use UI and lots of options for customization.

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Signs needs your support. Help support this free and open-source plugin by purchasing Signs from the Creator Marketplace for 100 Robux, the price of $0.24. I’m not forcing you to buy Signs by paywalling features to the Creator Markeplace or bombarding you with notices to pay for Signs in the plugin. I’m just asking if you like Signs and enjoy Signs along with my other projects, please donate less an a quater towards the development Signs.

If you donate I would like to thank you for supporting my free and open-source software for others to analyze, learn from, and use. I’m make these as a hobby and knowing someone supports my work and loves using it really makes me happy.

Support us with just the small amount of 24 cents.


Signs offers many features and benefits. Not just over other plugins but TextLabels itself. Such features include:


Signs is open source and free. Change and modify the plugin to meet what you want. Look out for some bugs and fix them, and we might even add your code to the official plugin. You should know what you’re installing and running on your computer.

High Customization

Edit the outline of your text, the background, and even the sign itself. Change the colors of each of these properties along with transparency. Manipulate how light interacts with your sign and if it is always rendered on top.

UI Stroke

Change the stroke of the font in customize in ways that the text stroke property can’t. Edit the outline join and thickness as well as normal text stroke properties like color and transparency.

Automatic Dark & Light Themes

The plugin’s theme will automatically update when using Signs to match Roblox Studio’s. No restarting of Roblox Studio or Signs is needed due to Signs being able to detect and change its theme when Roblox Studio’s theme changes.

Live Preview

Edit signs and view changes in a preview showing exactly how your sign will look. Each and every change you make in the editor is updated to the preview. View signs before they are inserted.

Features List

Below is a list of features that are available in Signs and Signs Free. The list is split into two tables, one for Signs and one for Signs Free.

Feature Signs Free Signs
Live Preview :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Automatic Dark & Light Themes :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Text Size, Color, Transparency, Rotation :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Text Wrapped & Scaling :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Line Height :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Bold & Italic Typefaces :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Background Color, Transparency :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Size & Aspect Ratio :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Horizontal & Vertical Alignment :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check:
Character Limit 1024 (1 KiB) 16384 (6 KiB)
Font Faces 36 117
Stroke Color, Transparency, Thickness, Join1 Basic All
Always On Top :black_square_button: :ballot_box_with_check:
Light Influence :black_square_button: :ballot_box_with_check:
Auto Localize2 :black_square_button: :ballot_box_with_check:
Beta Updates3 :black_square_button: :ballot_box_with_check:

1 Stroke customization is limited to only Color and Transparency for Basic.
2 Autolocalized is enabled by default and can’t be disabled through the editor.
3 Early access to experiential updates. Signs Free version will still recieve updates.


Signs is available on the Creator Marketplace for 100 Robux or from GitHub for free. Signs Free is available on the Creator Marketplace for free.

Creator Marketplace (Recommended)

Installing from the Creator Marketplace is recommended to install Signs or Signs Free and allows for automatic updates from Roblox and easier installation.

To install from the Creator Marketplace, click the below link for the plugin version you want to install. Once at the page, click Get Plugin to install the plugin into Roblox Studio.

Signs (100 Robux)

Signs Free (Free)


Installing from GitHub allows you to access the full paid version of Signs for free but no automatic updates due to limitations and a slightly more complex installation.

To install from GitHub, first, download the latest .rbxm plugin file of Signs from the below link. Once you have the file, go to %localappdata%\Roblox\Plugins and insert Signs.rbxm into that folder.



Installing from ToolBlocks allows you to access the full paid version of Signs for free but no automatic updates due to limitations and a slightly more complex installation.

To install from ToolBlocks, first, download the latest file and extract to get the Signs.rbxmx file inside. Download from the below link. Once you have the file, go to %localappdata%\Roblox\Plugins and insert Signs.rbxm into that folder.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wasn’t Signs formerly closed-source? Why is it open-sourced now?

Signs was closed-sourced for much of its v1.0.0 development, but starting in v2.0.0, Signs was changed to being open-sourced. Learn more at v2.0.0.

Is Signs harmful or malicious? I’ve found a security vulnerability. What do I do?

Signs is completely safe and open-sourced to allow anyone to check for potentially harmful or malicious code. Security vulnerabilities are taken seriously, to report a security vulnerability fill out a draft security advisory, and a collaborator will try to fix this vulnerability as fast as possible.

How do I install Signs? What can I do if I have issues installing?

You can install Signs by following the installation steps. They are two currently supported ways to install Signs, either from the Creator Marketplace or from GitHub. If you still can’t install, open a issue from this GitHub repository.

Can I get Signs for free? What if I can’t afford Signs?

You can get Signs for free following the GitHub installation steps. Additionally if you want automatic updates you can get Signs Free from the Creator Marketplace.

I’ve found a bug or want to request a feature. How do I report it?

That’s great! You can report bugs or request features by opening an issue. Your issue will be reviewed by maintainers and considered.

You stole my plugin/code. What do I do if there copyrighted or stolen content in this plugin?

There is no known copyrighted or stolen content in Signs, but just in case you find unknowingly stolen or copyrighted content**, please get in touch with us on Twitter (@RaenLua)** before filing a DMCA takedown notice with GitHub.

Can I republish Signs? What if I want to make a plugin similar to Signs?

Yes, you can republish Signs, but you will be required to follow the GNU General Public License v3.0, which Signs is licensed under. You can make a plugin similar to Signs which will not be required to follow the same license as Signs as long as the code is not copied from Signs. See License for more.

I want to contribute to Signs. How can I contribute?

You can contribute to Signs by forking this repository and making a pull request. Learn more at Contributing.

I’m enjoying and want to support Signs. How can I support Signs?

We love to hear you’re enjoying Signs. You can support Signs by starring this repository or rating us on the Creator Marketplace. If you want to support us financially, you can sponsor us on GitHub or buy Signs on the Creator Marketplace if you haven’t so already.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. What do I do?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can start a discussion and ask your question. If your question is asked frequently enough by different people, it will be added to this FAQ.


If you need support with Signs, you can start a discussion or open an issue.

If you need urgent support, you can contact me on Twitter (@RaenLua).

If you need support with a security vulnerability, please create a draft security advisory.

Additionally, you can reply to this topic on the Roblox Developer Forum.


We worked hard to make this open-source, all contributions are welcome. To get started


Signs is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. See LICENSE.txt for details.


This makes text label creation harder, not easier. Why is this even paid?


I don’t know what you mean by how it makes label creation harder. Can you share me the feedback on how I can improve the plugin?

And the plugin is completely free and open-source. You only are needed to pay if you want to support me. They no differences between Signs from GitHub and Signs from the Roblox Marketplace, they have the same features except for automatic updates but I can’t control that, without needing Plugin HTTPS Permissions.


I tested a standard workflow versus one using the plugin. To start, I pre-made a sign made out of two parts and nothing else.


My objective with the sign:

  • Set text as “My Sign!”
  • Ensure size of UDim2.fromScale(1, 1) and invisible background
  • Color text as RGB(85, 170, 255)
  • Set text size to 32
  • Set font to GothamSSm
  • Have default PixelPerStud sizing on SurfaceGui to prevent stretching

The standard workflow took 23 seconds, while the plugin workflow took 36 seconds. I also found a number of other UX and misc issues. I did not use shortcuts, and I made sure to spend a few minutes practicing the speed-run of your plugin workflow. If I used shortcuts with the default workflow, it could be as low as 13 seconds. Not speedrunning these also significantly increases the gap between times.

This test was very simple too. If I added more property changes, such as background changes and more, the gap between the times would increase.

Some problems with your plugin:

  • Even if a part is selected, it inserts a new one
  • All text labels have stroke instances, even if they are unused (which has a shader-level performance impact)
  • Text stretches when you expand the part
  • I have to position and size the part to match the sign
  • There are no RGB color options, meaning you only have preset colors
  • There are no dropdown boxes, so you have to scroll through everything
  • Some things are aligned center, some left, making it look not so great
  • The layout is somewhat confusing from odd categorization

As a bonus, I also tried a standard workflow using my Default Properties plugin, and the time to make the sign was 13 seconds.

There are just so many reasons not to use this plugin: it doesn’t improve workflow, it has confusing and non-intuitive UI/UX, and has limited property options that require parts of manual workflow anyways.

On top of all of that, improvements made by the open-source community will likely not happen because of how messy and non-intuitive the plugin code is. You don’t use a UI framework, over-do OOP, create repetitive statements, pack code into long scripts, use TweenService, and organize dependencies & collocate code in a confusing matter.


whats the point of this. You can already do all of this without this plugin.


I will definitely note all feedback and appreciate it. It is far too late to rewrite the codebase for the plugin now, but I will see what I can do now after recessing the plugin. I do agree how the UX is not optimal. Looking at this from another perspective I don’t think I really met my scope for such project. Once again thanks for the feedback.

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v3.1.0 Layouts

Signs v3.1.0 Layouts update focuses on improvements to the UI and UX along with bug fixes. This update should improve the workflow and performance of Signs. Additionally, there is now a new previously paid only feature to Signs Free.

Special thanks for @iGottic from the DevForum for his feedback.



  • Add transparency grid to preview.
    • Improved visibility of transparency to show better that the background is transparent.
  • Added Horizontal & Vertical Alignment for Signs Free.
    • Signs Free now has Horizontal & Vertical Alignment, previous Signs (Paid) exclusive.
  • Update layout to have new categories and moved elements to respective categories
    • Move some elements from Text collapse and moved to new ones. Combined some collapses.
  • Update multiple choice buttons be aligned to the left instead of center
    • This would improve readability and navigation for long muliple-choices.

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed bug with some elements not properly updating color to match a theme change.
    • Collapse buttons and multiple choices should update correctly now.
  • Fixed bug where UI Stroke instances would be parented to Text Labels when not in use.
    • Should improve performance and memory usage.
  • Fixed bug when you resize a sign and the text stretches.
    • Text should no longer stretch and uses Pixels Per Studs instead of Canvas Size.

Full Changelog: Comparing v3.0.0...v3.1.0 · RyanLua/Signs · GitHub

Signs is now on ToolBlocks

Signs is now on ToolBlocks for the price for free. Signs ToolBlocks will be updated in sync with the Creator Marketplace. Signs Free is not planned to be released on ToolBlocks.

Make sure to rate Signs on ToolBlocks.

What’s ToolBlocks? Have never heard of that :confused:

though the free versions of the paid one doesn’t auto update, as they download a .rbxmx file as a local plugin for you to use

I’m already aware of that. You can learn what ToolBlocks is by looking at the link below. (P.S. the quote also has the link to ToolBlocks.)

Please… please… please tell me you are not charging for something that can be done manually with a click… Why? I have to pay to enable always on top? Pretty sure that already exists. It would be quicker to manually make a sign for free than to pay and use a plugin to make a simple sign.


You don’t have to pay to get the paid features. Signs is open sourced so you can download the Signs for free on ToolBlocks or GitHub. You only really need to pay if you want the Creator Marketplace version to help support development and my work.

The only reason those three are limited to Signs is that I’ve determined that they are insignificant features and not used commonly. Signs Free aims to be a lightweight version of Signs with more simple controls so it would make sense to remove redundant settings for ease of use.

Signs Needs Your Support

The topic has been updated and there is an announcement on our GitHub about such changes. Which you can view at the link or quote below. * won’t bore you on the announcement but, Signs is free and needs your support. For more about it you can read below.

If you like Signs, please consider paying for Signs on the Creator Marketplace for 100 Robux which is the equivalent amount of 24 cents.

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Too bad I already did that :confused:


v3.2.0 Quality

Signs v3.2.0 Quality focuses on minor changes and fixes to Signs including removing deprecated API. This update overhauls how Signs handles Change History Service which additionally handles how reverting changes work in Roblox Studio.



  • Add ChangeHistoryService Recordings and remove SetWaypoint #32

Bug Fixes

  • Fix border around the preview
  • Fix preview clipping out of frame when rotation is applied
  • Fix plugin permissions requesting for script injection

Full Changelog: Comparing v3.1.0...v3.2.0 · RyanLua/Signs · GitHub


Signs.rbxmx (158.1 KB)


why is this necessary? i could use the properties tab without paying 100 robux

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Nothing is stopping you from using the properties window for free. I made this as a friendly and easy way to make signs.

Also you only need to pay 100 Robux if you want to support us. You can download the plugin for free on GitHub, ToolBlocks, Creator Marketplace (via free version), or the post above you which has the file download.

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Great changes! I own the paid one, and I like the free UI a lot better, you should give an option to change to the free UI and the default for the paid one.

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Some people are new to roblox and would like an easy way to make signs, since they would tend to use them a lot. They know that building doesn’t require the properties window, and maybe they wanted to also build signs and not code anything.


Currently the paid UI textures are a bit broken after Roblox updated some of textures which we were using. I have no idea why the free version isn’t broken since both plugins use the exact same UI library.

This should be fixed soon. This problem has been a bit harder to solve than others.

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