Silent River Showcase

Hi so a few days ago I posted pics of a showcase I was working on and I am happy to say, now that it is initially finished (Though I am still updating it so that I can keep adding new things) it is ready for the public to play!!! Here is the link and please feel free to post any feedback.

Also one more thing: because of all the lighting properties and sunrays your graphics level should be 8 or above for sunrays, and water transparency to show. If it is not, the water will look abnormal and weird and it will be a light blue color without any transparency or reflectance and in all honesty, that looks disgusting to me :nauseated_face:

Lastly you may notice that water in the lake/pond is flowing in a weird direction… so when I was filling up the water for the lake if started to flow in that direction and I don’t know why but I assure you I am aware of the problem and I am trying to fix it.

Without any further ado I present to you Silent River:


Sorry this might just be me but I can’t get in. I’m on PC.

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It is only available to PC players that’s… odd

Oh sorry I’ll fix that
edit:Fixed everyone can play now

Please remember that this game is in early development and give feedback on that basis

The sun rays are quite nice, although a little blinding at first I got used to it and I think you did well with them. However I’d definitely reduce the blur. It also just needs a little bit more added to it. For example more varied trees and plants!

I found this picture quickly on google. Notice that that the wood is more dense. There is also more foliage.


Hope this helped, I know it is in early development, but do not hesitate to add stuff! :grinning:

Thank you for your feedback I’ll definitely try to implement these things

Like the previous person said, tone down on the godrays and the blur that is used made me kinda nauseous to look at. I would suggest you add a lot more to the forest to make it feel more like a forest and not like an empty area with a few trees and a bunch of grass. Also I can see a lot of potential that you could do with the mountain, you could probably turn the area into a mountainous forest.

Overall, good job. :+1:

Ok since I’m getting a lot of requests for reducing blur I will but with that do you also want me to alter depth of field? Thanks for your feedback it really helps

Ok new updates: Did not remove but softened blur, and made the time of day a little easier for the eyes to handle :grin: enjoy and thanks the the people who gave me feedback

Hope you like the showcase and I will keep updating it using the feedback you give me thanks :grin:

Still open for feedback everyone any feedback is appreciated thanks

The DoF is about to give me an aneurysm, please lower or remove it. Sunrays are brighter than the universes brightest star, please lower. Skybox should be like a “Clear Blue Sky”, looks realistic with right settings.

first of all xd and second of all I will sorry to people who’s :eyes: and :brain: I hurt I will lower the sunrays and DoF

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Still open for feedback 30charss

Please don’t hesitate to give feedback of any sort

everything looks pretty cool, tho the terrain is very flat, you could try using the grow tool, and move it around the place, and then use the smooth tool to perfect it sorta. the mountain’s a little weird looking, and the water is extremely fast (idk if it’s supposed to be)

hope this helped

Water physics seem fine to me since the water is coming downhill and I’ll try to implement the things you said thanks a lot for the feedback :grin:

Still looking for feedback And perhaps a donation (In the gamepass section) :eyes: