Silverfin Hood off center

I recently aquired the Silverfin Hood from the Aqualotl toy. However upon wearing it I quickly noticed it was off center. This is very visible, especially when wearing other items or heads. I am not the only person who noticed this.

Recently, i went into roblox studio and began playing around with the mesh. I found out that by changing the mesh offset from (0, 0, 0) to (0.04, 0, 0) it recenters the hat perfectly since it moves to the robloxians right from their left.

(I do not have the pictures I took of my adjustments, but of course the asset developers know much better than I do)

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We’ve identified the problem and filed a ticket to our internal database for this issue!

Thanks for the report!


We have looked into the issue and found that the item actually fits fine as it is designed to fit on default heads. A player is using a a non-default head might observe variation due to slightly different attachment points.


Hey there, yes its true that the item technically “fits fine” on the default head it still has the issue that was described with it being off-center.
This number being anything other then 0 on the CFrame attachment position means that its off-center.
Notice how there’s more spacing on the left side compared to the right side
Compare that to a centered version I made just by setting the X value to 0 you can see the difference

The issue was never about it “not fitting the head” the issue was that the item was off-center. Off-center items ruin how an item feels/looks due to it not being symmetrical on the head.


Thank you for pointing this out. I knew this but could not properly explain it with detailed images since I wasnt at home that week.
Your version is what i wanted to post before the thread closed.

It fits the default head just fine, but it still does not look good. Diamond head is what i used because it is easiest to show what i mean.


My fix:

I took a look at yours and that works just as well if not better.
Setting it to 0, 0.398, 0 (from 0.038. 0398, 0.081 which is the default) sets the hood to the same location on the head that the other Masked Hoods are

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