SilverGrill | Public Handbook

SilverGrill | Public Handbook

About us

SilverGrill a restaurant by frostyfIakess that servers burger, milkshakes and all kinds of tasty treats. The main goal of SilverGrill is to make a successful roleplay group and community for people to have fun at. SilverGrill also has a lot of information to help our group run smoothly. If you need help with any topic about SilverGrill this is the right place. If you still can’t find the answers to your question here, you are free to ask an MR+.

Rank Information

Customer: Joined the group not that long ago. They can also go to the application center to apply for a job here at SilverGrill.

Awaiting Trainee: This rank is the rank customers receive once they pass their application. They will now have to pass a training to begin working.

Junior Crew Member: This rank passed their first training and will be able to work at the restaurant. To rank up from this you must go back to the training center and pass another.

Crew Member: This rank just passed their second training and will be able to work at the restaurant. To rank up from this rank you must go back to the training center and pass another.

Senior Crew Member: Just passed their last training and will be able to work at the restaurant and get recommended for the rank “Management Intern”.

Management Intern: Received 5+ upvotes from the HR team and will be doing training to explain how a day in the management team goes.

Staff Assistant Passed their Management Intern training and will be attending training on a daily basis. They are also in charge of supervising at the restaurant and working as an LR if needed.

Assistant Manager Got promoted by our HR team from Staff Assistant. This rank can do training and shifts.

Restaurant Manager Got promoted by our HR team from Assistant Manager. This rank can do shifts, training, and host training.

Executive Assistant Got promoted by our HR team from Assistant Manager. This rank can do all the roles above and also assists our HR team with departments.

Chief Human Resources Officer Works in the Human Resources department which handles Alliances, Community Events, and more.

Chief Compliance Officer Works in the Compliance department which handles Staff Management, Promotions, Staff Reports and Demotions, and lots more.

Vice-President In charge of the departments. This rank also is in charge of HR promotions and HR demotions or resigning.

President Assists the owner of the group with lots of stuff, helps with all departments. Sometimes helps with development.

Chairman Chairman of the group. Handles everything basically.

Alliance Information

To form an alliance with SilverGrill, your group must meet these certain requirements. If your group does not meet these requirements listed down below, your application will automatically be denied. Please read through them.

  • Your group must have at least 5 members in it. (Will change as our group grows.)
  • Must be willing to announce all of our events.
  • Must be a restaurant/hotel/home store group, we don’t accept any military or arm groups.
  • Must be a professional active group.
  • Provides at least 2-3 representatives.
  • Cannot be a copy any group.
  • Your group cannot sell ranks as it leads to unprofessional staff.

To submit an application, your group must have all the requirements above and will be willing to take the time to fill these questions out with some details. You will send these questions and your answers to one of our Human Resources Officer and then your group will be put under review then once we finish that the alliance will be formed within our groups.

  • What is your group name?
  • How many members does your group currently have?
  • Will you be willing to announce all of our events/applications?
  • What are you looking for when forming an alliance with us?
  • Will you provided at least 2-3 representatives to announce our events?
  • How active is your group on a scale from 1-10?
  • What kind of group is it?
  • Please put your Discord server link and Roblox group link down below.

If we choose to accept your application more information will be given.

Low Rank Information

How to
To become a Low rank (Junior Crew Member - Senior Crew Member) you must first do an application at our application center. To find our application center you must go to our group and click on our application center. Once you pass you will be ranked to Awaiting Trainee. You will then have to attend a training at our certain times. The times will be listed in our training center game or in our training information guide. Once you pass you will be ranked to “Junior Crew Member” then you can go down to the restaurant and serve customers. You then will come back to the training center to rank up again. You can do this until you get ranked to “Senior Crew Member”. Once you earn this rank you just get recommended by an HR+.

Staff Rules

  • Grammar is required.
  • Professionalism is required.
  • When you’re at the restaurant you must be working at all times, you can take breaks but supervising is for MR+ only.
  • You must be respectful to all of your co-workers.
  • You must follow all Roblox’s Terms of Service.
  • All staff must use common sense.
  • All staff must also follow our community rules

If you fail to follow these rules, you will have a staff report filed on you and will be demoted shortly after. If you come back again and still break our rules, you will be Community blacklisted and cannot come off this blacklist. We ask you to follow these rules so we can make SilverGrill fun for everyone.

Training Information

Session times:
12:00 PM EST/11:00 AM CST/10:00 AM MST/9:00 AM PST.

5:00 PM EST/4:00 PM CST/3:00 PM MST/2:00 PM PST.

10:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CST/8:00 PM MST/7:00 PM PST.

Arrival Times
We suggest if you’re planning to attend a training to join about 20 minutes before it starts as that is when we open the server for everyone to join in. The server will then slock exactly on time unless needed to delay for whatever reason.

Promotion Guide

Awaiting Trainee: In order to get promoted from this rank you must pass a training at our training center.

Junior Crew Member: In order to become the next rank up from Junior Crew Member you must pass another training.

Crew Member: In order to get promoted from Crew Member to the next rank up, you must pass another session at the training center.

Senior Crew Member: In order to get promoted from this rank you must work at the restaurant a lot and get at least 5+ upvotes. Once you receive 5+ upvotes you will be ranked to “Management Intern” and more information about that rank will be explained once you receive it. Some traits we look for in Management Interns are:

  • Professionalism.
  • Work daily shifts.
  • Uses grammar.
  • Shows leadership.
  • Very helpful.

If you have any questions regarding promotions I suggest you ask an HR+ instead of an MR+.

Code of Conduct

Trollers are basically people who decide to break our rules, it’s something when wish we don’t have to deal with but it does happen. If you begin to troll you will receive 1 warning then will be kicked from the server, if you come back and continue to troll. You have be pbanned.

If you are caught exploiting/spamming you will be banned right away. If you see an exploiter, please DM an Assistant Manager+ on Discord with the proof so they can come down and pban them. If you see a spammer call an Assistant Manager+ down to pban them as well.

When deciding what to wear, you cannot wear anything inappropriate or bypassed. You must have clothes on covering up your whole body. Trolling outfits are allowed if you don’t troll with it or if it’s not inappropriate/bypassed. If you break this rule you will be given 2 minutes to change then will be pban.

If you start bypassing. You will be pbanned right away. We have this rule really strict as we don’t want kids seeing some stuff they shouldn’t be seeing. You never know how old the current player is when playing Roblox. So just in case, we would like to keep our group family friendly.

Restaurant Rules

1. Online Dating at our restaurant will not be allowed.
2. All forms of racist, discriminatory, and offensive jokes will not be allowed.
3. Advertising/selling stuff in our group will not be tolerated.
4. Sharing personal information about you or others will not be allowed.
5. You are not allowed to say inappropriate things or bypass.
6. No bypassed usernames.
7. Spamming will not be tolerated in our group.
8. Anything that is disturbing to other people will not be allowed.
9. No refunds will be given on gamepasses, all purchases are final.
10. All Roblox’s Terms of Service must also be followed.

If you see someone breaking these rules please follow what it says in the Code of Conduct catagory.

Ban Appeals

To get unbanned at any game in our group you must follow these steps. Please note that these applications hardly ever get accepted so you must use grammar and lots of details. Before you try to get unbanned you must follow these requirements


  • Must be banned for at least 90 days. (About 3 months)
  • Must use grammar and lots of details.
  • Must not have made any other alt accounts to troll on.
  • You must understand it takes our Compliance department up to 72 hours to read through your application and think if you should be unbanned or not.

Please send your appeal to a Chief Compliance Officer+.

  • How long have you been banned for?
  • Why do you want to be unbanned?
  • What where you banned for? (Reason is required)
  • Do you understand what you did wrong?
  • Please type a paragraph (5+ Sentences) explaining why we should unban you.

If we unban you and you continue to troll you will be put on Community Blacklist which you can’t get off of.

Other Links

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We would like to thank you for taking your time to read through our handbook. If you have any further questions please DM an HR+.

SilverGrill Administration Team.