Simple 2 hour map

Hello devs,
I have recently constructed a simple 2 hour map using some inspiration from @ExedusDev

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Hmm, I can make a map “adopt me” in 1 minute

  1. Open the tool box
    2.Search for “Adopt me map”
    3.Put one of the model on your baseplate
    And be the map “adopt me”
    Very simple, right?

what are you implying here? are you saying this game is a free model,
to be fair you haven’t even joined the game if so

Yes, no! I’m just kidding hehehe

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It is a well made map for 2 hours in my opinion.
But you should fix some little mistakes like the gras is flying.

(Yes im on mobile at the moment)


As TiefseeEnte07 said,

Great work! But you can fix some mistakes.

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Personally i don’t like rushing through a project, i prefer things to look flawless.
Perhaps you should spend some time making things a bit more tidy and maybe have less gaps.

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This was for practice, its not gonna become a game. just getting my skills up before i tart commissions.

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