Simple .bat file to get the latest available version of RobloxPlayerBeta.exe

Update Listener

A simple .bat file that gets the latest roblox versions provided in the


It works only in windows!

  • Runs in all windows operating systems
  • Downloads the newest RobloxPlayerBeta.exe automatically in the Downloads, when the .bat is run
  • Provides you the latest versions of the RobloxStudio , the RCC Service and the RobloxPlayerBeta.exe


In order to install this, go to this link and after you have downloaded the .bat files then do the following steps :

  1. Run the UpdateListener.bat file
  2. You will see something like this:

The first arrow is the latest version of the RobloxPlayerBeta.exe while the second is the latest version of the RCC Service and the third one the latest version of the Roblox Studio .

  1. Then go to your downloads

You must see a 7zip folder with this name

No longer needed
  1. Inside this folder you must see this:


Copy the RobloxPlayerBeta file and then go to the next step

  1. Go where your Roblox Player is installed and then open its file location



Then paste the RobloxPlayerBeta.exe you have copied


Don’t forget to replace the file

  1. Run the SetDirectory.bat

Source Code

ONEWEB-0410/RobloxUpdateListener (


If there is any problem or any question , please reply to this post in order to assist you. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.


Why is this necessary? I’d prefer Roblox not to update automatically, since the client and studio are getting features I don’t need and every single time they update I need to reset the DPI scaling back to Application.

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It is not necessary at all. You should only use something that helps you and fits your needs, I do not force you to use this resource. It is completely optional to choose whether you want to have the latest version of roblox or not.

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What exactly would you use this for? Roblox automatically updates…

Roblox does indeed update, but it takes sometime before it is updated to the newest available version. So, you can see if there is a new one and update it automatically without needing to wait when Roblox will update.

Turned it into a Dhar Mann reference, I like it.
However, why wouldn’t we just wait until Wednesday for roblox to roll out it’s latest version? The version could still be in testing.

I do not think so, else it would not have been uploaded. From the releases history that I have seen , when a version is out, it is out. Every version has also a GitHub commit hash, which means that a commit has been committed in a GitHub repository. I have not seen that GitHub hash to change many times in a specific new version.

roblox uploads new versions on github??

This is nice and all, but I have a more useful project for you. Make a .bat file that sets the High DPI settings on the latest installed Roblox Player to the High DPI settings that were on the previous installation(that was just replaced).