Simple Breakable glass module

Breakable glass

Hi there, I’ve made a really simple module that makes glass breakable,

Just like here:

How to use it

  1. get file or download file (5,8 KB)

  2. Put everything in a correct place, every folder is named the same as the place where folder files should go, and most important don’t put folder but things from the folder!

  3. There is only one function - BreakGlass:BreakGlass(Obj) which takes Obj as a thing to break.

  4. To customize you probably want only to edit GlassParticles to edit particles speed, amount, however, if you want to edit the rest you probably have to edit the Module script.


For any of them or questions please make a reply under this post or join my Discord server, both will do a job.

Thanks again :grinning:


Woah! It’s the first time I have seen this, amazing! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your resource with others. This will help others in the future.