Simple Closing Elevator Script Not Working

I’m attempting to use a proximity prompt to have an elevator close once the prompt is activated. I have a similar script being used to open the elevator doors which works, but it seems that doing this in reverse with the other proximity prompt inside the elevator doesn’t work. Here is the script to the first prompt below, and I appreciate anyone’s help.

local model = script.Parent
local LeftDoor = model.ElevatorDoor1
local RightDoor = model.ElevatorDoor2
local prompt = model.ElevatorButton.Attachment.ProximityPrompt

local tweenInfo =

local leftGoalOpen = {}
local leftGoalClose = {}
leftGoalOpen.CFrame = LeftDoor.CFrame *, 0, 0)
leftGoalClose.CFrame = LeftDoor.CFrame
local leftTweenOpen = TweenService:Create(LeftDoor, tweenInfo, leftGoalOpen)
local leftTweenClose = TweenService:Create(LeftDoor, tweenInfo, leftGoalClose)

local rightGoalOpen = {}
local rightGoalClose = {}
rightGoalOpen.CFrame = RightDoor.CFrame *, 0, 0)
rightGoalClose.CFrame = RightDoor.CFrame
local rightTweenOpen = TweenService:Create(RightDoor, tweenInfo, rightGoalOpen)
local rightTweenClose = TweenService:Create(RightDoor, tweenInfo, rightGoalClose)