Simple Enemy Respawn Script

This is a free open-source respawn script anyone can use:

The script:

local bot = script.Parent
local timeToRespawn = 3 --Can Customize the time

local botClone = bot:Clone()

	botClone.Parent = workspace
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nice but what difference does this have than the ones found in freemodels? (i guess obv one would be lack of virus/backdoor but still)


Thank you for providing this resource!

However, in its current state; the script seems somewhat essential. To make this a valuable resource for more people, you could try adding some features to it!

For example:

  • Adding respawning mechanics that function more than once
  • Converting the script into a module that could be applied to any Humanoid dynamically
  • Adding extra functionality to the respawn mechanics (custom health, respawn location, etc.)

Otherwise, good work!

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I do see your point. Many of the free models do have this script but there are none on devhub so I wanted to share one with the community.

Great Advice! I will definitely introduce those features into the next version of the script.