Simple feedback system [open sourced]



I think encouraging the player to give Feed back on another platform would be better then for example Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc because if the feed back is gibberish hashtags then it’s useless

But this could be used for something else when modified.


That’s what I’m saying, instead of using in game Feed back just tell them to go to Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc.


I reckon this is a better way to handle feedback since not only will the quality of feedback be better (if the user has to take their time to find the submit method/whatever) but also filtering won’t desecrate the text

I think it 100% needs to be filtered though, unfortunate but the alternative is children sending the cc details of their parents lol

Cool stuff tho OP, I think it’s so cool that more and more games i see are accepting player feedback, good effort to promote community involvement


Again, the easiest solution that meets guidelines to allow for in-game feedback is a simple confirmation screen.

The flow is simple:

  1. User enters text into TextBox
  2. Selects “Submit”
  3. TextBox is hidden
  4. Loading message is displayed
  5. Feedback is sent to server
  6. Server filters it and return it to client
  7. Loading message is hidden/replaced with filtered message
  8. “Here’s your feedback” section displaying filtered feedback, as well as “Edit” and “Confirm” buttons
  9. If user selects “Edit” hide the display, unhide the TextBox, return to step 1.
  10. If the user selects “Confirm” send the feedback to whatever service you’d like to house it.

This puts it on the user to ensure that they have met filter requirements. There is no perfect solution in my opinion due to how the filter operates, but this should create a much more user-developer friendly experience.


In my opinion that’d be extra work, and although I believe it’s possible the filter itself will usually only filter the words that are detected as bad.


My problem with the filter is it blocks any and all numbers you throw at it, making it extremely hard to actually receive any meaningful feedback. i.e. player says they were at a specific coordinate in-game, and the filter blocks it. That’s not directly aimed at the feedback system, but it is a problem present in milsims.

If the filter only blocked cursewords, and things that look to be personally identifiable information, then I’d have no problem of using such a feature. However the filter sometimes goes haywire and blocks everything you’re trying to say, even very simple phrases that aren’t even remotely close to inappropriate.

I am pretty sure the lack of a filter in a feedback system that will never be shown to another player, will go against the TOS. Haven’t heard anything from Staff, so I’m not entirely sure. The filter is broken for the most part however.


You can’t search for un-safe items since the name gets hash tagged during the creation of the asset?


The filtering for the creation of an asset and the searching are two different instances. Name filtering for asset creation is in place to, of course, prevent inappropriate names being applied to assets uploaded to the site. Please re-read my post regarding the search bar.


How does inappropriate content spawn up if you can’t search for that key word because that word can’t be created due to Roblox’s filtration system. If someone searches for a NSFW word then nothing should show up because that word can’t be created on an asset.


The filter on uploading content is a single layer to attempt to prevent inappropriate assets from reaching their way onto the site. The search bar is another layer for preventing millions of potentially inappropriate assets already uploaded from being looked at. There is a protection for existing assets and one for incoming assets.