Simple feedback system [open sourced]



Hey there!

I decided to create a simple little feedback system. This system will send the username of the user sending the feedback, along with a message written by the user.

This can be modified by you to be anything really, for example, a system for players to report bugs.

The UI is already scripted, it’s basically an install, set up, and done. All instructions required are in the “README” file inside the model.


  • Won’t send if feedback is blank
  • Optional throttle time, default is 10 seconds. Can not be disabled to prevent spam.
  • Pre-scripted UI
  • Filters feedback

UI in action

Link to model:

Thanks for using!

please leave feedback on it! and report any bugs to me. this is the first time i’ve made something of the sort, sorry if there are any problems!

Thanks to JamienChee for telling me I should open source/release it

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This is actually great! I’ve used this on my own game

  • (!/game-instances)
    Unfortunately, there is 1 con though.
    Filtering the messages of the feedback (if YOU’re the only one to see it), is pretty fustrating in my opinion. (I understand that it’s against the rules to not filter it though.) For an example, if you type in something wrong accidentally in the roblox filter today, the whole sentence will be tagged like this:

Other wise, this is great. Thanks for letting me learn a thing or two about httpservice!


No problem! But I am required to filter the text, as if I don’t filter it then I will get in trouble. I actually had another version that didn’t filter text, which was taken down for that reason. I’m glad you like it!

This is because Roblox requires that all user-input text must be filtered.


Yeah. I forgot about that in the TOS. Also, do we need to give you credit for whenever we use this model, (it wasn’t specified).


Nope! I don’t require any credit to be given, I just like to see my system in use in people’s games.


Thank you for making it! Its really amazing, definitely gonna use it for bug reports :smiley:


Yoinked, thanks


I don’t think you’re required to filter text that’s being sent to a third party platform. I could be wrong of course.


I’m pretty sure I am. I previously posted this however it was unlisted for “breaking roblox rules”. It seems that it’s fine now that I’ve filtered the input.


I think the problem lies with you mentioning Discord - they’re very touchy about Discord being mentioned within anything outside of the DevForums


I’m not sure then, it wasn’t specifically stated what caused it to be unlisted. Echoreaper was the one that unlisted the previous post, and they are the same one that moved it here after I remade it. Perhaps you could provide some insight into the reason it was previously unlisted @EchoReaper?


If this is the case, then I’m going to review the TOS and remove it quickly if it’s against it.


I don’t think it’s against the TOS now. I seemed to have corrected whatever the problem was previously.


I believe things are auto-unlisted when you first post something until it’s reviewed by Moderation, so having text being filtered didn’t change anything.


I don’t believe it was auto-unlisted. It says that it was EchoReaper and they provided a reason.

After I started filtering the text they reapproved it.


That’s strange because on my end, the person who closed it was SYSTEM, or what I’m assuming to be their bot that does things automatically.


Hm, that’s pretty odd. I’d expect everyone to see who closed the topic. Maybe it’s a Discourse thing? I’m not really familiar with it.


@TheRings0fSaturn You may have been looking at the wrong close notification. Bulletin Board posts are closed automatically which is why there is always system-closed-this at the top before it is reopened and moved after approval. There is a second, manual, close message at the bottom of the old thread, pictured in the OP’s reply above.

The old thread was closed because the model did not use text filtering at the time.