Simple improvements to GUIs

I am looking to improve my GUIs for my sailing game. As a solo dev with no artistic ability, I am having trouble making my GUIs look passable. I am about ready to release V1 of my game so I am ready to add some polish to my game.

I have 3 main GUIs in my game

This is a boat selection screen that displays all of your useable boats and a button to select the boat.
Screenshot 2024-03-29 212947

This is a shop window where you buy and sell inventory from your boat.
On the left we have the item name and on the right are the prices and the current
amount of the item you own. At the bottom we have a placeholder buy and sell button, a textbox for entering the amount, two labels that will show your total price for buying or selling, and an inventory counter.

Finally, we have a SurfaceGUI that shows item prices around the map with location name, item, and prices.
Screenshot 2024-03-29 212908

What simple things should I do to make these look better?

Thanks everyone!

honestly it depends on the theme of your game. if it’s about fishing/swimming, you should make the guis look “woody” and all that.