Simple Low-Poly Magnifying Glass

Here are pictures on a simple build, a magnifying glass, If anybody would like to use it, you can, I will put in on my models tomorrow.

Here is how it looks like in a humanoids hand.

Feedback please!


Great, simplistic, and nice for any type of game, realism, or low poly, overall 10/10.


I really like it and I think the texture you chose for the bottom part of the magnifying glass looks nice. My only suggestion would be that I think you should move the white part on the glass to be more on the center and a bit smaller, but that’s just my opinion. Overall, looks great!


how you got better at blender?
like i watched 2 tutorials and did what they said and i got super basic table and soccer ball
but im still bad at blender
can you please help me?

I don’t use blender, im a brick-builder!
everything i make uses he original roblox platform, no other 3d modeling apps, just studio!

If you want to get better, remember that practice makes perfect!

wait wh-
you made it on roblox studio?
O_O i have no words…
you are legend