Simple M16 Animation

rushing cuz of my mom

FUN FACT: This was used in my old game called “Motor6D Gun Test” i publish this for Demo without reload so i decide to take it and port it to my game

since i haven’t added the reload sound so apologize for not putting it

NOTE: “bluric_64bit” is my main account
i use this acc to associate with people because of how roblox allows you to use one acc only


the recoil looks very nice and fluid however the reload looks like a robot is doing it
great work however


agreed. the reload needs to be a bit more dramatic

I’ll quote what I said in IceKing’s post asking for feedback on his animation.

Another quick thing I’ll add is that the bolt isn’t rigged, and it looks kind of off.

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i have it rigged and animated inside but it’s not showing since it’s at another side

also the pulling bolt was animated but just how it got hidden by the hand

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