Simple Medieval House, Need Feedback

Hey Ya’ll!
I’m doing a build on a small medieval house and I wanted people’s thoughts on it so far. Here are the pictures…



  1. Looking at each of the sides, which pattern is the best?
  • The X, X with a line, or just a line.
  1. How does the door and window look? Does the window match with the build? How about the door?
  2. What is your thoughts about the pattern at the top of the front and back?

Note: There will be no inside and keep in mind this a work in progress, more will be added.
I appreciate all feedback given! :slight_smile:


The X with a line looks good also it looks like those Chinese houses and it would look better if you made the tip of the roofs stick out more like these.

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looks awesome! i recommend maybe making the colors different or not if you have the colors you like already

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I do have the colors I want, they are red, black, and some grey. I’m going more a gloomy, sinister, and overall hellish kind of theme.

I’ll give it a try and see how it looks! Thanks for the feedback.