Simple Notifications | release build v1

New Project - 2022-12-26T003805.888 (3)

  • Import module
    1. Put “NotificationModule” in ReplicatedStorage
  • Add new script in player, (StarterGUI) then use these functions:
local module = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.NotificationModule)

Then use:

module.NewNotification("self", "header", "main text", number, number, number, transparency, color3(), color3())

Keep “self” but replace “header” with the notifications header, replace “main text” with the body text of the notification, and replace “number” with the layout (body text + header, header, or body text). Replace the second number with how long you want the UI to be up for. Replace the third number with the setting, 1 for tween out, 2 for tween scale, and 3 for delete. Change transparency to what transparency you want the button to be, change the first color3() to background color, change the second color3() to text color.

New Project - 2022-12-26T003648.267

New Features

  • Added Transparency, Color, and TextColor
  • added 2 more options of layout

This module is useful to an extent. That very extent is for new developers as this entire module lacks professional and comprehensive features most importantly customization features making it not very effective for non-beginner developers. Other than that for beginner scripters, I think this can be a valuable asset. You can improve this module by implementing OOP concepts and adding customization features such as letting the user decide what template frame they want to use.


That was planned for next update, I will make a few templates for people to use.

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with the tons of other notification modules out there, why should we use this over the others? I’m not asking in bad faith, I’m just asking to see pros and cons


Haven’t seen much (on the devforum) of simple modules like this. Use it if you want. If you don’t thats not a problem.


I think that @Spa_rkk just wanted to make an open source project i dont think he was really thinking of who would be using it.

Not exactly true. I have been making modules and plugins for a while and have always been criticized for glitches or bugs that do not exist and only exist for the harsh criticizers who will scour your module for the tiniest imperfection or will not realize the intended demographic of the average user of said module. Because of this I decided to make a simple but almost full-proof module that is useful for everyone. And when comments like this:

come about I will answer with the obvious answer:


Your response makes sense. Personally I just release open source to help out some people but its mainly for my portfolio.