Simple Notifications - testing

New Project - 2022-12-26T003805.888 (3)

  • Import module
    1. Put “NotificationModule” in ReplicatedStorage
    2. Put “Notifications” in StarterGUI
  • Add new script in player, (StarterGUI) then use these functions:
local module = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.NotificationModule)

Then use:

module.NewNotification("self", "header", "main text", number, number)

Keep “self” but replace “header” with the notifications header, replace “main text” with the body text of the notification, and replace “number” with how long you want the notification up. Replace the second number with the setting, 1 for tween out, 2 for tween scale, and 3 for delete

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This is pretty neat.

  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to customize preferences
  • Nice, sleek design

One thing, however, I think that when tweening the frame’s size at the end it should instead tween the position of the frame back where it came from as it would make it a lot smoother/nicer!


Hey thanks for the suggestion!
It has been added to the module.

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great little thing, i’ll definitely use this at some point lol

Suggestion Rant 9000
  • make the tween use “Quint” as the style and “In” as the direction for when it goes visible and “Out” for when invisible, i think it looks a bit smoother imo

  • add UICorners and change the font to gotham to make it fit in with roblox’s coregui style

  • make the “Notifications” gui automatically clone itself from the module into the player’s PlayerGui when the module is required, would make the module a lot more portable

  • add some customize-ability to the GUI and tweens without having to actually edit it

  • USE TASK.WAIT INSTEAD OF WAIT AAAAAA (and use Debris:AddItem(part, lifetime) instead of waiting and destroying)

looking forward to what you make out of this!


Well this is inspired by the side notifications (friend request and badge) so it will not have ui curve.
Also the way it is setup with wait is fine as it works affectively.
Also in the updated post you can see there is color and transparency changing for the notifications.
Other then that I will add everything else.

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just wanna know, what’s the difference between using task.wait() and wait()?

as far as I’m aware wait() is deprecated but still works fine, it’s essentially just the same thing as task.wait()

  • wait() throttles your script unlike task.wait()
  • task.wait() is more accurate
  • task.wait() is much faster