Simple Piano Pieces

Throughout this month I’ve been composing simplistic piano pieces to keep my creativity going. Some may be better than others but I quite like the diverse sound between each.

Any feedback on the themes, feelings they give off, stories, etc is appreciated! As well as any feedback on mixing, structure, orchestration, etc!

A Winter Feeling

By the Fireside


Running Along

Walking on Ice


really good!
what did you use to make this?
like did you use an actual piano or a software

I used two different Spitfire soundfonts. For all of them but Running Along I used Felt Piano. For Running Along I used the Jangle Box Piano.


Really cool stuff dude keep it up :smiley:

I like them alot! However, in my opinion, you should try to keep the consistency when it comes to the melody. Notes here and there can easily confuse the listener about where the song is going. Other than that. I like it! My favorite is the drained one.

Hello @AnimalBot99! These songs do have a nice simplicity but it’s missing velocity, I don’t know if that was the intention but it sounds flat. Maybe I’m suppost to see it like else someone is going to play the piece and this is a demo? But if your goal is to make your pieces sound awesomely digitally then it’s going to need velocity.

Don’t know if you know him but I present Mr. Einaudi, some notes are softly played and some are louder for tension:

Do definitely let me know what your thoughts are!

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Hey Newt,

For the most part the mixing was done very quickly on each piece. I suppose you can say they act as a demo. If I ever decide to go back to mix them with a bit more dynamic range I’ll definitely post them for you to hear!

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