Simple, Simple-To-Make, Fun, & Monetized Game Ideas?

Hey everyone! I’ve been stuck on this for a while, and I cannot think of anything. I was wondering if I could get some game ideas that would be: simple to play, simple to make, fun, and a way to monetize it.

I appreciate anything and everything! Thanks!

Hmm. Well, I mean mobile games seem quite simple and they get a ton of money. Maybe something like that.

Something 2D might be interesting as I don’t see it often. Although that might be hard to do for multiplayer and Roblox sort of relies heavily on the multiplayer side of things.

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Hm, simple…, simple to make…, fun… , & monetizable game ideas?

Congratulations you just unlocked, "Simulator"

That was satire if you couldn’t tell it sounds like your trying to make a game that doesn’t require alot of hard work and can make you robux in a short amount of time.

Not only is this just bottom of the barell thinking but if your not willing to work hard on a game do you really think youll even enjoy making it?

Even the simplest of games take some degree of hard work, by your title it just sounds like you want some make game quick scheme for some easy revenue.


To be honest the best for profiting without having to think too much is just doing commissions.
As in a post made by @dexanddeb , anything profitable should be well made, which to be fair, should take at least 100 hours in total to make. If you want to make something that takes a few hours to make and will make you loads of money, that’s like gambling. Would only work if you have a very original idea like PLS DONATE. Otherwise, try to spend a good amount of time on your project, as long as it’s well made, no matter the genre (except against ToS), people would play and pay.

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This should be secondary to a good idea at best, the prospect of income being a requirement quells creativity. It sounds like in your situation “simple to make” should be paramount. With premium engagement you’ll earn robux from playership without any deliberate monetization, so make it fun and worry about microtransactions later.

Anyhow, they’re all ancient ideas, but tycoons, obbies and cart rides are all simple and can gain decent traction just by their genre.

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I have a game idea but it would have to be me and you working together because I want some credit and profit if you use it.

Here are some more that you can make without me on the team:

  • Cake factory simulator. Players have to bake cakes for customers. I would recommend making the way you pick up and use stuff similar to Cook Burgers.

  • Pro musician. Basically you get a bunch of working free model instruments, make a stage, and publish the game. Players will be able to hold their own virtual concert or play for fun in a room in the back of the building. The hard part would be getting it popular but monetizing would be easy if you have starter instruments for free and then gampasses to unlock the rest of the brass instruments, string instruments, etc.

  • How far can you car? Basically Build a boat for Treasure but with a car on the road. Shouldn’t be to hard besides the building system.

  • Clicking simulator. Ya, the 100000000000000000th clicking simulator. Not to hard to copy and paste, probably not hard to get popular, not hard to monetize with, but everyone will hate you for making a copy and paste game instead of using any of the other ideas we all have you. Your choice.