Simple Welder Plugin

![Get it on Roblox](upload://fzsAy3jWVAExdGD77t13KRA1YdQ.png)![Download File](upload://cXj8UbWQGTQyKyDPoUM0R1X7MOK.png)

Here it is in action:


  • Keep position/CFrame on objects (toggleable)
  • Welder (obviously)
  • Motor6D-er
  • Graphical warning messages, if you happen to make any mistakes

Why use this over WeldConstraints?

WeldConstraints do not support animations, and you have to use an annoying dropdown every time you want to weld something.

Moon Animator already has this

That’s actually the reason I made this plugin. I don’t want to have an entire animation suite that I rarely use clogging up my plugin toolbar, so I just made this with the same functionality.

That’s about it, though if you want any features, let me know!


New Update

Added some eye candy with graphical warnings, and a dropdown instead of the 3 toolbar buttons!

Updated the video and source code in the post.

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There is a hellolololot of weld plugin out there, but I think I will use this one because it simple