SimpleAdmin Pro | The easiest way to manage your game externally! [via discord or API]

I think you might be confusing this system with Discord webhooks, which posts messages.

Since it’s a Discord bot (which requires hosting) and a Roblox game communicating with the bot via a web, Pro would definitely cost money to maintain the service so it doesn’t go down.

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Yes, sorry I am getting confused with that.
Yes, I understand its value for money, and I might think of buying it


I made something like this on my own, I could kick ban checkban, execute lua and everything from discord. I also made a feature to do it all from a website.

What is the delay on commands running externally (like discord), surely you cant be running http requests every second as this could cause issues for the developer who may heavily rely on http requests themselfs (like saving/storing data externally.) Although 500 requests may look like its hard to hit, but it really isn’t

Typically requests get handled within a fraction of a second, nearly instant. We’ve never had reports of SimpleAdmin Pro hitting rate limits even in games where HTTP requests are frequent.

How many does it exactly do a minute?

If you’d like, feel free to join our Discord server and tag me. I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you how our system works.

Its unreal your making this use money, you don’t even need a webserver because webhooks can send and read data anyway. (Discord should really consider removing reading data, it can be used to steal stuff.)

The UI is not that pretty either, made in like 5 minutes and I don’t really like it. I’d buy it if the UI was more pretty though.

Hey there.

You cannot do this with a webhook. We use long-polling on our VPS to communicate to and from Roblox. In regards to the UI, the program shown in the video is an example C# app that I used to showcase the API. We have a proprietary Discord bot along with a beautiful upcoming web panel.

If you’d like to join our Discord, I would be more than happy to give you a free trial and change your mind.

P.S. This is our in-game UI:

I do remember I was able to use discord webhook API in Roblox to see if someone has typed commands, but seems intresting.

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EDIT: I know I am very late but if there is a chance that any one can learn something from this then sure, why not.

That’s completely different than @crywink’s system, What you are doing here is basically listening to the .Chatted event and then sending the information to a discord webhook(That means, you are giving information to a webhook internally) . You can’t make webhooks read information from your game externally.



        local data = {

        ["embeds"] = {

            ["title"] = "Message Incoming: "..player.Name.." - "..player.UserId,
	    ["description"] = msg,
            ["thumbnail"] = {url = game.Players:GetUserThumbnailAsync(player.UserId, Enum.ThumbnailType.HeadShot, Enum.ThumbnailSize.Size420x420)}



        http:PostAsync("RedactedLink", data)



This works. And why would you want to get information from a webhook externally. I know you would like to do commands from Discord to Roblox but I think it would be a bit cheaper to just copy and paste free code from a another forum (which I’ve seen) for Node.js and instead make a FREE discord bot that doesn’t use Roblox for the controller.

I have a few questions

  1. What security measures do you have on the backend of the API
  2. Why should someone use this over an admin in-game
  3. Why should we trust you with external admin commands in our games
  1. We monitor all abnormal activity that comes across our network. In addition to that, a regenerating API key is required for all administrative action and will only work on the games in which your API key is active, making SimpleAdmin Pro just as safe as any of your passwords, if not safer.

  2. This isn’t comparable to an in-game admin system, taking into account that SimpleAdmin, our proprietary in-game administration utility, is required for use.

  3. Good old trust & faith, just like the other 15,000+ developers using our products in their games.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask in our Discord server @

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First, you said you can do what @crywink system do with webhooks and now you say you can’t?

You really don’t know anything about hosting Discord bots. Anything offers free plans your bot will be limited by the rams, cpu, etc usages.

EDIT: You seem to don’t understand how simpleAdmin work. Anything SimpleAdmin offers (e.x Excuting commands via discord) requires paid hosting services , not free ones.

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How would you make sure our Experiences (Games) is impunity from using this Admin System, specially on our Seclusion of our personal data and personal statistics? Is the Webhook of this Admin System on other Platform won’t pressured?

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