SimpleAdmin Pro | The easiest way to manage your game externally! [via discord or API]

Hello! Last month I released a project of mine that I have been working on called SimpleAdmin. It’s a game management suite that features a sleek, responsive UI, and community-driven updates every week. We’re back and better than ever with our premium plan, SimpleAdmin Pro.

SimpleAdmin Pro gives you ultimate control over your game. We offer a rich API and host a custom Discord bot for your convenience allowing you to kick/ban players, make announcements to everybody in-game, shut down your game, and more, all externally! SimpleAdmin Pro is perfect for developers and moderators that want to be able to manage their game on the go. All you need to do to set it up is install SimpleAdmin into your game, enter your API key, and install the SimpleAdmin Pro package! We do all the hard work for you. We also have an online dashboard coming soon!


  • Access to custom SimpleAdmin Discord bot with game-management commands
    – Banning, kicking, and warning in-game players
    – Shutting down your game
    – Broadcasting messages to your game
    – Add notes to players for other moderators
  • Access to the SimpleAdmin Pro Web Panel *coming soon*
  • Access to the SimpleAdmin Pro API

Want to implement this into your own applications? You can! We offer a fully documented API with examples that showcases how you can use SimpleAdmin Pro to manage your game externally. I created a small C# application that showcases what you can do with the API.

Interested in using SimpleAdmin Pro in your own game? You can purchase a key here.
Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions! You can also join the discord here.
- Sam


I appreciate and commend you for the work put into this. But no offense, I don’t see how this costing money is justified or makes any sense when there are way better admins out there that are free for everybody to use. To be honest, the few things you are able to do with this are pretty easy to script and implement on your own, not to mention the console’s UI is not that pretty. This is just my opinion though.


I think this costing money is very justified and makes sense. Resources that also have external compatibility have cost implications for hosting and by purchasing a key, you’re also contributing to lower that cost so less comes directly out of the maintainer’s pockets.

I would gladly pay for a resource that someone else has spent their time and effort to make in order to help expedite, simplify or otherwise complete utility processes that I otherwise do not have the time or skill to make. I would encourage developers to put a price tag on resources they create that can save developers hours worth of time, recent incidents around paid resources notwithstanding.

The feature list isn’t as extensive and you may be able to find a free script out there that does the same thing, potentially less efficiently though. You could also create your own system, but that comes back down to the issues of cost, time and skill required to get this done.

If you were on another platform (eg Unity) you would be paying around $50 or more for plugins depending on what it’s accomplishing for you. These resources don’t come free and without someone’s labour going into it.



Wait this is external? Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man

@crywink I am exteremly sorry. I thought the console in the video was a plugin tab. I had no idea it was an external application, I didn’t fully read the title

Yeah, of course. This was just a misunderstanding


Hey! I sent you a message with a couple questions following up on your comment.

It’s alright :slight_smile:

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Update 1.5.6

+ Warning system now utilizes the API - you can view, add, and delete warns on Discord and they'll apply in-game (and vice versa).
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I like the idea, but it costs too much. 50 USD on a ROBLOX product.


Yes, I do agree with this because 50 USD is a great amount of money to be spending on an online platform. I do believe this product has very much potential because I use it in most of my games, and I totally love the clean, custom UI Design with the neat scripting. I would totally buy the Pro version if it was a little cheaper. I currently use the regular version.

50 USD is for one year of access, you can pay monthly for 5 USD. The product is simply API access, which all pro users have access to (plus a Discord bot). We charge this amount to be able to maintain our servers and to pay the staff who work on the systems within SimpleAdmin.

We at this time do not believe 5 USD is too much for people to pay for this especially when weighing server/revenue.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me or @crywink in the SimpleAdmin Discord server:

I like it very much. But, yes like everyone else paying for pro is just for the revenue.

I highly recommend and love to use this product. Running a group and game requires a lot of moderation, the amount of time saved on Roblox moderation is invaluable.

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1.7.5 came with the ability to implement your own SimpleAdmin Pro commands to interact with your own game from Discord. Here’s how you can do it with a package!


Server, Service = nil, nil

return function()
    -- Server.CustomProRequest will be automatically added to the environment when you install Pro.
    Server.CustomProRequest:Connect(function(Action, Target) -- You can have as many arguments as you'd like.
        if Action == "kill" then
            Target = Service.Players:FindFirstChild(Target)
            if Target then
                Target.Character.Humanoid.Health = 0

Now, say there’s someone in-game named “Bob” that I want to kill, I would simply do…

Here’s an example of this in-use:

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I mean, why money?
I could make my own, or just get HD admin/kohls admin…
Maybe I wouldnt make this money, as people could make this themselves.

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Read through this! :slight_smile:

Remember you’ll also be paying for a VPS to host your server if you decided to make your own.

But what would I be hosting? Wouldnt all this be possible, for free?

You should read through the original post before making a comment.

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These are the features, and which of them (If I made it myself) would I pay for?

You cannot communicate from roblox to discord and vice versa without a web server. We’re the only admin system that offers this as well. Neither Kohls nor Adonis can do this. If you’d like to further this conversation, I would love to talk to you in our Discord.

Ive done it before with a feedback system. I dont think I paid for anything (Cant remember)

He is paying a web hosting, since http requests are being handled for Roblox communication. That’s why it is payed, maybe a free hosting service should solve, but it would not have the same security/availability. And I am almost sure it would not be possible without hosting it.