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I am just here simply wondering if there is anyway to improve this script below, or I am going to have 200 lines of code by the time I have done all of the elements? I am basically just checking with the CurrentElement variable (script.Parent.Name) if it equals “Hydrogen”. If so, making the CombinedElement variable set to the next element in the list, which is “Helium”, as Helium comes after Hydrogen. And this is the same for all of the elements. I have only listed the first five here though, but the script just repeats over and over.


You could try using a dictionary.

[CurrentElement] = CombinedElement
Where the key is your current element
and the value is your combined element

local elementResults = {
    ["Hydrogen"] = "Helium",
    ["Helium"] = "Lithium"

local combinedElement = elementResults[currentElement]

If youre trying to add to the atomic element its probably better to put all of the elements in a table and then find and add to the index

local example = {"hydrogen", "helium", "oxygen"}

function nextElement(elementName)

  local foundIndex
  --search for index
  for index, currentElement in ipairs(example) do
    if currentElement == elementName then
      foundIndex = index

  --add 1 for this case
  foundIndex += 1

  --get the next element
  return example[foundIndex]
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Thank you for your response, this seems to work but the other reply is a lot more simple and less time inducing to add new elements!

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Why not use table.find instead?

local elements = {"Hydrogen", "Helium", "Lithium", "Beryllium"}

local function getNextElement(element)
    local index = table.find(elements, element)
    return elements[index + 1]

local element = getNextElement("Helium")
print(element) --Lithium

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