Simulated Gun with semi-Physics based Recoil and Bullets (Repost)

This is a Simulated Gun with advanced physics showcase
credits: @ONXXF (for the modified spring module)
heres the demo:

also for some reason this is the highest quality i was able to give you but i think it showcased some nice features, including:

simulated recoil,
simulated bullet-drop,
simulated interactions of the bullet with the enviornment (Penetration, Refractions, Reflections, etc)

and it also ofc has some bugs like the bullet can only penatrate one wall

update: i have now fixed it only penatrating one wall

i would love to get feedback on this (or constructive criticism)


This simulated gun looks great! Nice job on it! How long did it take you to create this?

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i think it took 2 weeks on/off

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