Simulating Network Latency in Studio

Hey there fellow Developers!
I have been working on a small project that utilizes Roblox’s Physics as a core mechanic, but I would like to test these in the worst case scenario.

There used to be a Network Latency tool in Studio, but its been about a year or two since I last used studio and it seems like this feature has been deprecated.

This top notes that you can use “…HTTP proxying in Studio… to route HTTP traffic through a web debugging proxy tool like Fiddler in order to cause artificial latency or failures”

However, in Debugging Tools, HTTP Proxy is currently disabled

How do I go about simulating network latency in Studio?

File > Settings > Network > Incoming Replication Lag If I’m not mistaken.

Note: Whatever number you put in is the lag from client to server; It does not include travel back. This means that number is doubled between sending and receiving information on the client.

Ex. if you input .5(seconds), it will take 1 second to travel back (so 1000 ping).