Simulation of Forces using Guis

Last post for today! I promise!

This time I played around with Forces! But on a 2D plain! Using the fundamentals and laws of motion, I created this simulation of certain forces acting on the ball. Gravitational pull and some external force, lets say the wind! (The gravitational force was set to a small value, hence the slow downfall of the ball)

Heres how it works:

Initial velocity and acceleration of the object is 0.,0).

The forces are incrementation vectors. Since f = ma. force will be mass x acceleration. Or in other words acceleration = force/mass. I took mass to be 1 to prevent any bugs at first, so acceleration = force! Now as you know velocity is the speed of the object, and acceleration is the rate of change in velocity. Hence, velocity = velocity + acceleration. I don’t take care of time and take it as 1 so the distance is velocity x 1, so the position of ball = position of ball + velocity! This is how I used vectors in the simulation. I Read a few articles on this site! A brief explanation of how we can utilize vectors to simulate the nature!

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!

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Should I make a physics based module for Guis?

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