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about me

Heyy! I’m Simulation_Studio. I primarily focus on building, but I have experience in management, sound, VFX, all types of terrain and graphics to an extent. I’m flexible with my styles and have the ability to adapt to whatever is required to perfectly match your game style.

my work

Here are some screenshots of my most recent and proudest work.


I’m available to be contacted on any day of the week. Currently, I work full-time.


I take both Robux and USD payments. My USD rates are equivalent to the Devex rates. All prices are negotiable but a fixed price must be agreed upon prior to me starting your commission or project. If the project is big and will take longer than average I will take a 25% deposit from the fixed price.

I may be open to a percentage (%) offer only if I am interested in the project.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, or on one of the following:
Twitter - @Triorion_RBLX
Discord - lilgrande#5810

Thanks for reading hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:!


Hey Dude,

Love your work here, sent you a message on discord about work!


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