Simulator Game Calculations

Hey so I’m currently working on a simulator, everything is fine but the calculations. I can’t seem to understand how they should flow, if there is a certain formula for generating prices , boosts & storage.
I’m looking for someone to help me with boosts , storage , multipliers , pet boosts & rarities. I’m willing to pay , please either suggest a formula or add me on Discord to be paid for doing the calculations thankyou.


[ps.] You shouldn’t pay for something so simple

A lot of games work out multipliers and boosts via Geometric Progression which is the idea of an ever-increasing interval between progressions.

The formula is really up to you, but it tends to follow something like this:

math.pow(x, ?plrLevel - 1) -- You can adjust X depending on your game, but keep in mind anything less than 1 will make the result go into the negatives!

Here’s an example function:

 function workOutLvlBoost(playerLevel)
     return math.pow(1.5, playerLevel - 1)

 for mockLvl = 1, 5 do -- Let's just make up some levels, so we see the scale of things

 -- 1.0, 1.1, 1.21, 1.331, 1.4641

You’re thinking of a player level boost, I’m speaking about the multipliers of each items players buy in a simulator

Anything could be applied to that - it was just a use-case example