Simulator Game Feedback

I recently finished my simulator game project and am excited to share it with you all.
Please have a look at the game and share your feedback with me, on what could be improved and what could be made better.

Game Link: 🧨 Break Simulator - Roblox

Do you think the game has the potential to become popular?
Let me know!

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I played your game, and it is very well made. There are a few things I wanted to point out.

This is the very first game I’ve played that told me loading failed, but I rejoined and it worked; so all is well.

Since there are many portals,

You can showcase another world in the Thumbnail, you only have two. You can use more, like “Destroy Trees!” or engage the player even more than just having your logo splattered onto a screenshot of your game.

You can do so, but you can also add more thumbnails. If your aim was to showcase the different worlds you have. (This is just my opinion tho)

Making the gift icon have an outline like the rest of your assets will ensure consistency, and it does not blend well with its background.

These are a few points, I found that can easily be fixed, they look like they are unintentional.

Your game has the potential to become famous, despite the fact that there are other “wood cutting simulators” out there, but, with the right amount of advertisement, it can for sure grow its own audience and community.

Good luck!


Most quality simulator game I’ve found on dev forum in a while, it has great potential. But just as the guy above said, there are similar games so goodluck

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It’s impressive and very well built! I can see it becoming popular, easily.

Few minor things but honestly I couldn’t find much to fault.

The icons are nice but could do with a bit of a boost in quality, and the outline doesn’t quite match up with the button (you can see the green between the outline and the main circle which is the grass.
The text on the side is outlined but not the text at the bottom, which is a bit inconsitent.


I’d like to see improvements in the shop too, by adding categories. You have to scroll a long way to get to cold and diamond purchases, I would rather have buttons at the top for gold, diamonds, exclusives etc.

Best of luck!! This game is really impressive, and I assume you have started to advertise considering the amount of active players.