Simulator Game Ideas

Hello, People of Dev Forum and Good morning or Night. My name is Redboss633 I want to make a Simulator game.

But I don’t know what to make it based on and or how to make person keep playing it. I want to know what is your Favorite Simulator game and why you play it? Please leave any idea’s you may have, thank you! :D.

Thanks for reading I hope you have a great day. :smile:

I really like bee swarm simulator and snow shoveling simulator.

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I advice you not to make a simulator with the goal of it being to gain pets and click continuously.
A simulator’s definition: a machine designed to provide a realistic imitation of the controls and operation of a vehicle, aircraft, or other complex system, used for training purposes.

Since you are making a game, I advice you to make something that simulates a phenomena that is usually impossible on Earth. This will gain you a lot of players! An example of this is Iron Man Simulator 2!


I had gotten an idea, If you want to hear it you could DM me :D. I’m not quite sure if it’s that good.

Bridge Building Simulator

Police Squad Simulator

Cell lab Simulator

Factory Simulator
(I am not talking about your regular simulator btw.)

If you could message me a little more detailed explanation I would appreciate it :D.

Well I mean it’s only ideas. I don’t really have any details to add to them really

Build a bridge for people and cars to cross. Kinda like the Bridge Sims you see.

Police Squad Simulator - Vodobanka

Cell lab Simulator - Cell lab, complete objectives with different cells

Factory - build a factory

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While making a simulator game on roblox you have to consider a three major features in your game.
Player tools must be upgradable. By improving tools/ Clearing area it have to move to other place. It must have leaderboards.

No one wants to play hours in a same area or with a same tool or pet.
Main thing of roblox simulator is proggress. What is this simulator about, isn’t really important.
With upgradable tools and new areas you will make popular simulators from bizzare things as bubble gum, or pressure washer.
And when you made content for about 5h of playtime you can always make a rebirths that would make players stay for much longer, and wouldn’t give them monotony feeling until 3-7 rebirth.

And leader boards will hold veteran players for much much longer and will add competition to your game. What leaderboards should be about? - Rebirths, Time playing, Overall value (wins, coins from all rebirths) gathed, If game doesn’t have leaderboards it will be easier for it to die.

After those major things you building is also important. Most of succesfull simulator games have low poly style and bright colors. Cartoony type like pressure wash, bee swarm simulator, and many more have similar building style, and all of them have similar UI (cartoony style).

Hmm, I see, thank you for your help!

A planet mining simulator would be fun. You would mine on different planets, with each one having better minerals than the one before.

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