Simulator Game Ideas?

Hello, I am currently in the process of working my butt off by doing building jobs for people because I am trying to fund my own game. Now I’ve been thinking and researching a lot of what I can do to make a hit.

I just really want to hear your guy’s ideas of what simulator game I should attempt to make.

I will use this information to make a game and start working on the map while I get the funds to help hire people.

If you’re going to suggest an idea please tell me what the concept of the simulator/ game would be.

Disclaimer: I know there is a lot of these posts already but it has been a while since one has been posted so I thought that we/ I can use new fresh ideas that are up to date.

All feedback is appreciated!


Honestly, I think you should try something in another direction. Simulators were popular for a short period, but now they are not always the popular games. It takes a lot of hard work to actually accomplish a good simulator game. Not that I am not confident in you, I just would recommend some other genre of games. The simulator genre is already pretty filled up. Most ideas are already taken. The ones left over, well, they aren’t that good. Simulators that attract players have a really good idea behind them. I am sure there is some idea out there that is left, but I just think it is a safer bet to create a different style of game. Thanks for reading.

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Yes I understand that but I that my low poly skills are only good for simulators. Also I got really inspired by this game that I worked 4 for 1 day that had made a game with 2 person team in 3 weeks and it had made 30k in the first 3 days of release.

At the moment, I only have one simulator idea, and that is probably going to be used for my own game.

I’m not going to be hasty and give you ideas like Toothpick Simulator or Button Simulator, but I will give you some advice on thinking of a simulator idea yourself:

There are so many simulators these days, and I recommend to keep your game original. If it isn’t original, then not that many people would want to play your game.
Searching for a simulator idea that’s original (with help of the Roblox games page to check off anything that isn’t) can get pretty annoying since there are so many simulators out there. Even if a game’s title doesn’t have the word “simulator” in it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t a simulator. You have to play the game to see if it is a simulator. Take Ninja Legends for example - doesn’t say simulator but is a simulator.

I recommend that you think of any object in the world, and see if you can make different version of it, things to be collected from it, if selling it makes sense, and other properties like this.

I wish you luck, and although I didn’t give you an idea (sorry! :slightly_frowning_face:) I hope that my advice helps! :smiley:

Thankyou for your reply ill keep that into consideration. I do think that simulators dont have a unique concept aswell but they are still appealing to kids because of unique maps/ graphics or just the type of simulator(ex: art, power, magic, mushroom)
It really just depends on what the kid likes. If he likes super powers he is most likely to play super power simulator even if it isnt a unique concept.

Yes, but if you want to be a good and respected developer, you should have good games.

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Not many simulators are as complex as this! This is a great idea, and even better - it’s original! @BoneChewer212 I think you should consider this!

Well now I feel like I shouldn’t have given my idea away :slightly_frowning_face:

Haha, that’s alright, at least you helped out a fellow developer!

Thankyou so much, and maybe we can actually work together if your interested you can contact me on discord ItzOsoYT#6974

Sure - I’ll take it into consideration. I don’t use discord though, so I prefer staying anonymous and chatting through Roblox. I know it’s hard to effectively communicate like this, but as I’m a beginner at developing, I find this suitable for me. Thanks for the offer! I’ll keep it in mind!

A game is just a game.

That’s not true. Simulators are still very popular among the community.

Most people make simulators because they are low-risk games. They’re probably the safest bet for a game.

apologies for that, a simulator idea…

I don’t really have many but… these are just off the top of my head, they’re probably really bad but :confused:

  • School Sim
  • Music Sim
  • Video Sim
  • Developer Sim
  • Police Simulator
  • Medieval Simulator
  • Small Simulator

(sorry these are so bad)

Then you can use the same basic concept for simulators. Points, currency, rebirths, the main idea.

hope i could help

A non simulator game IS a safer bet because it would typically have a more engaging concept. When I said safe, I meant you may spend money on a simulator and make none back. As with any game, however. Yet, many other game genres are better, because if you put your passion into it, you can make something amazing. Simulators don’t have that. Every good idea is basically taken.

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I think if you’re going to make a simulator, it should be unique. A lot of people hate the same simulators over and over again.

Altough simulators are pretty popular, most of them start losing players, because most simulators have nothing to come back for. Also, if you want to be a respected developer, you should have a game that will stand out from others.

Edit: Alongside many people, I personally don’t like the whole simulator category very much.

Simulator games are easy to monetize and are very popular.

That’s what would make it more risky. Unique games nowadays aren’t really noticed too much. Take a look at the front page of Roblox.

People seem to enjoy them still. There are hundreds of thousands of users playing these unoriginal simulators right now. People only seem to say that on the DevForum. Normal users on Roblox don’t seem to care one way or another.

edit: now I suggest we keep this in a PM so that this doesn’t get off topic because this is about simulator game ideas.

Yeah so I did what you asked… Front page had like 5% simulators. The other 95% were games with original content and concepts. An original idea goes much further than a copy cat. Just saying.

There are the people who will play simulators, but then there are those who dislike them. If you don’t make something unique, you’re going to lose a lot of potential players. Also, even those who do play simulators can get bored easily if it’s just another basic simulator.

If you must create a simulator, you’ll get farther by adding a unique spin to it.

For example, let’s say your main feature is farming. You can make your game stand out by adding in a second exciting activity – say, fighting zombies.

Doing this will make your game feel like more of a complete experience which will in turn help it stand out from the very large crowd.

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I strongly agree. If you want to make a good simulator, it should have it’s own uniqueness to it.

It depends on whether the developer wants to make a quality game that people will enjoy, or if they just want some quick cash.

Even if they do just want some robux, many basic simulators never make it.

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Uniqueness is one of the best ways to make your game memorable. In fact, many of the most popular simulators today have their own splashes of uniqueness – many of the modern Super Hero / Super Power simulators gained their popularity by adding a heavy PvP element to the usually non-combative Simulator formula.

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