Simulator Icons, where can i find them

Hello everyone! I want to find some vibrant simulator icons to use for my game. Icons like
They are 3d in shape and are very vibrant and shiny.

there are some ones you can use but i believe they cos around $15 or something like that

Sorry for late reply, haven’t been active lately, is there anywhere where i can get free ones, or at least ones that cost robux on ROBLOX?, you can also check the decals of this dude devityALT - Roblox

doesn’t this website require attribute? how would I do that in a game?

You can create a contribution/credits menu, in the main menu or settings, like most games do

Honestly nothing really is cheap or free. So if I were you I’d make them yourself until you can afford a professional or use AI like Dall-E to generate some vector icons. Best of luck.

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