Simulator team for hire

simulator team for hire

About Us

Hi there, we are Nandemo Studios, we are a small group looking for a development team who are willing to make a simulator game, we will give 15% of what is made via group.

The Team
Nobody - Environment Design
Nobody- Scripter
Nobody- UI

this game has not been started but as soon as it has the progress will be added

About The Job

we are looking for a team who are willing to make this simulator game, it needs to compete with the standards of the trending simulators.

Example of our game's build style


this game will be constantly updated and lists of assets needed will be given 2 weeks before the release of the update including it.


We are paying 15% of payments gathered by the simulator. Our preferred payment method is group payment.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via our Roblox group:

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


have you dsicord if yes pls tell your discord too

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If you are willing to raise the % to 10-15 % I would be interested

I honestly feel like 5% Is WAY too low. Maybe increase it a bit to get more people.

Why would you split 5% between 4 people? 3 people would get 5% and you would get the rest, that isn’t fair, it should be something like 15-30%

Surely you can’t be serious?
5% split for a simulator game is an utter rip-off.

At minimum you should be offering 15% - 25% per dev on a team of 4.
If you, as the owner isn’t doing anything and you’re taking 75%+ nobody will feel motivated to do anything and production will be low and so will the quality. This is only good for developers trying to get their feet wet at the bare minimum level.
No bueno, I recommend upping your payment.
Simulators make farr too much ROBUX and money in this day and age of ROBLOX. Its an easy profit regardless.

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I would have been interested in the UI Designer position if you could raise the payment. 5% is honestly WAY too low and a rip-off for the amount of work needed. Please tell me this isn’t the real amount.

EDIT: I don’t see any examples of the style you’re looking for.

What an absolute joke. You advertise this as though you have a ton to offer, but all you’re doing is basically saying “make me a simulator, but I have no progress, no funding, no name recognition, no general direction, and nothing to contribute, but I’ll give you 5% of what you’ve made at the end of this.” 5% is a slap in the face, it would be much less offensive to just ask for free labor.


What type of simulator is it? Jumping,Sprinting Exc…

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I can’t see the games building style can you please post a new picture

The build style is a polar bear in a snow storm? I’ll work for you!

Totally agree! Keeping 95% without bringing anything to the table is a massive mistake. Any development team could easily create a simulator of their own with dramatically increased percentages per developer!

Would heavily recommend for the percentage to be reconsidered!


%5 is very low. 5x3 = 15
we’ll take %15 and you’ll take %85 of all Robux, you need to think this again. No one will work for %5

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i have increased it to 15%, you can contact me if you are still instrested

Make up your mind is the payment 15 or 5

Very funny, you seem too not understand percents your giving 5%! Your crazy, you are hoarding all 95% percent then. I highly suggest you should change your prices if you keep the post this way. You will have no one interested. Let me show you something, If you guys make 100,000 robux the 5% would only give them 5000 robux. Your basically hogging all currency being made or profited.

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Alright, is the builder position still open?

its 5 i changed it because of the feedback

yes the builder position is still open