Simulator UI Design

Recently I’ve been sticking to Bylocks sort of designs for simulators but now, I’ve started roaming in the world of UI and came up with this design. Wondering if it’s good. Negatives and Positives are appreciated!


Everything thing here is made by me!


Very good design!
You definitely should add a watermark so doesn’t get stolen


Love it!!! When it comes to Simulator UI Design, you’re good at it! For me though, I would try to add a faint shadow below the coin, diamond, and green plus buttons to add more depth. But, by far, this is good! I like the font, as well as the icons and designs! Keep up the amazing work!

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It look great!
Great work on the UI!

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Looks lovely, I like the simplicity of the design, this would really fit a simulator perfectly, I can’t really find anything to improve on, keep making!

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Definitely looks an UI for a simulator, great work,

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