Simultaneous Debugger is Here



When running play solo, you no longer need use a setting to choose either debugger on Client or Debugger on Server.

We now support simultaneous debugging on both Client and Server.

With that change, we are also re-setting the flag that disables old, inaccurate Play Solo (the main objection to not-APS being the lack of simultaneous debugger).

Flavor Text

Le débogueur simultané est là
Debugger Simultâneo

This is quite cool. Agree to this update.


Seems great for debugging! Thanks!

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POTATO! and let’s see what the update can do for us!

This is probably an update that can make debugging between server and client easier, I guess.


Good work, can’t wait to start using this!

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I hope that means the end of non-APS is coming up soon or has arrived already. I hate that… thing.

How are the debugger windows split or in what way are we able to tell what item belongs to the server and which item belongs to the client? I haven’t been able to try this out yet.

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…aaaaaand we have to revert the change because we’re observing a spike in crashes. Arg.

Stay tuned.

Very sorry for the false alarm.


@CycloneUprising This is great, will we now be able to click on errors from server scripts to navigate to them quicker like we can for client or are does this just merge the two into the one debugger?

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It would be awesome if there was tabs to switch between different Lua contexts. This would be useful beyond just APS, but also for plugins, core scripts and internal services.


Great update! this will make debugging on both client and server way easier :slightly_smiling_face:
even though it can be frustrating sometimes due to crashing.

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Now we can find the new features! On the server and client simultaneously! :heart:

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So how exactly does this work?

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Wasn’t this already a thing? I swear my output window had both client and server errors on it. The client ones were blue and the server ones green.


Debugger - that is breakpoints, stepping, variable watch, etc.


Oh. I never use any of that. :thinking:


This will be great for debugging server client handling. Another good step forward. Hopefully will be re-enabled soon…

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It’s very useful for debugging random errors, and really any errors in general.

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I don’t either, I’m really good at figuring out what causes some symptom without using the debugger. I recently had to use it to debug some infinite loop issue, although that didn’t work because it only worked on one side and it was only crashing the client following a request from the server, so I had to add a logging system and integrate it into every module until I found the issue, then realized that some module was loading on the client that shouldn’t have and is screwing things up with the owner-only seat, then I disabled that and things were fine and I had a logging system for my entire module structure so yeah that was nice.

TL;DR debugger bad, logging good


That’s right, a debugger is useful for debugging!

But without the skill to use one, it won’t be much help. When you have the skill to use one, you actually won’t need it as often.


Will this by any chance improve the speed for when starting a test?