Since you liked my previous one, What do you think of this model?

You guys supported the model that I posted so thank you a lot! So here is another one:

What do you think of this one?

Thanks for reading,

And Bye!

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What is it supposed to be? I cant tell what it is?

It’s a film camera, but why is it using SubSurf? Personally, I’ve never seen a camera that looks like melted chocolate. Make it more sharp and just slightly bevel the edges.


This looks good it could be better. Everything looks off, assuming this is a old movie camera. The wheels for the movie strips, just look like the top of triangles. But overall it looks good, I can tell what it is good job!

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I personally like how it looks rn. I don’t feel like I should remove SubSurf.

Definitely would look way better without the subdivision. I recommend just using a simple 1-edge bevel, while still retaining it’s original shape.

For first time i thought it was eyes

Movie cameras aren’t that smooth (or lumpy). Would look much better with no SubSurf modifier.

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This part looks a little strange, like its a clay camera or something


Yeah thanks everybody for the feedback I’ll try my best to fix it in freetime (my schools holidays are coming, so soon I’l have alot of free time