Sincerely_Gym - Graphics Portfolio (COMMISSIONS OPEN)

Greetings, I am Sincerely_Gym. I am currently posting this portfolio thread due to my commissions opening and my graphics server starting up! I have been doing GFX for about 7 months now. I do enjoy making GFXs for lots of people as it gives me something to enjoy and do! When focusing on my graphics, I usually focus on the summer vibe style, with renders I usually do decent positioning when rendering! Below, I will list the payment, examples, and what I use!


GFX Work

Payment Pricing

Logo: 135
Thumbnail: 160
Ad: 90
YouTube Banner: 90
Render: 30

What do I use?

For editing I use Adobe Photoshop 2020
For renders, I use Cinema 4d


You can contact me and order a GFX through my commissions discord: Discord

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are interested in buying a GFX!

Kind regards,