Single ad, high bid, or many ads, lower bids for advertising?

I’m the primary investor in a cafe group that is debuting soon, and we’re advertising the group’s game, and the group itself, on the debut day.

One thing I am unsure of it is, for running adverts, is it better to run a single ad for a group/game, and bid very high, or use many different ads and run them for a smaller bidding? Would this matter depending on if the ad was for a group or place?


I would say if you are spending 50k to advertise, use 25k for one and 25k for another one. There is a chhance one of your ads could get taken down (it happens) and you dont want to waste 50k on one ad that only gets 9,000 impressions.

But you also don’t want to spend 1k on 50 ads because your bid is low and most likely would not get seen.

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