Single item can be moderated more than 1 time by DSA Report

Someone’s been targeting me with dsa reports on some of my items but it seems like they have found a loophole where they have been reporting an asset id that was deleted way back in around september 2022, but ive been getting moderated over this same asset ID multiple times to stack up my moderation history ever since the DSA report form rolled out, likely to try to get me deleted. It’s a major bug though that should be looked at as it has to do with moderation. Here are my proofs with 3 different timestamp dates


If you haven’t already you should file an appeal to Roblox Support, they should be able to help out in the short term (removing the active duplicate punishments)

I’ve tried, they just don’t respond to them and i actually just got hit with a 3 day ban a bit ago due to those stacking up and another item getting DSA’d, at this point there really needs to be a way to get the other stuff just removed on the platform on your own accord because at this point I’m literally going to get terminated over this bug