Single player games

Hello, so ive had an idea for a game and was wondering if single player games do well on roblox? Or should I change it to be multiplayer?

It can do quite well if it is a story (not one single game, a whole story with multiple games)

I really like single-player games in Roblox! You absolutely should try to make a game for one player, because you can express your ideas differently than in a multiplayer game. I also believe, a single-player game is easier to make than a multiplayer one.

It really depends on the type of game, what type of game were you planning on making?

It works quite nicely with adventure/horror games, however I would say multiplayer games are often better than singleplayer games because people enjoy playing with their friends, and making new friends, this is what makes a lot of big games popular, the fact that people can make and play with new friends. Hope this helps, feel free to give more information and ill see if i can give a bit more help :slight_smile: