Single Surface of Cylinders Incorrectly Orienting Decals

I believe there is an issue with putting decals on cylinders and special meshes set to the cylinder meshtype. I am currently trying to add a decal around the edges of a cylinder(not the flat faces) and all of them seem to orient correctly except for one surface (typically the back surface).

Here is an image of what is occurring. A specialmesh set to cylinder and a cylinder part are shown.

Unless I am mistaken I believe that all of the decals should align and make a smooth texture, instead of just one of the decal’s image being flipped.

To reproduce this create a cylinder part and put 4 decals with all the same images on the top, bottom, front, and back surfaces.

This bug is occurring in studio I just noticed it today when trying to make a seamless texture go around a cylinder

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This is a known issue that’s been around for a long time. Your best alternative is to go into the mesh library, look up ‘cylinder’, find one (there’s many redundant ones) that you think is appealing and apply the decals to it. They should align properly with a mesh part.

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