Singleplayer Rejoin

So I Have This Singleplayer Game On Roblox I Want To Make A Rejoin Code Once You Get An Ending, However I Only Know How To Make It Teleport Back To The Server Which Has Already Shutdown. So How Can I Make A Code Where It Teleports You Back To The Game Not The Server?

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Moderators Removed Our Replies So Here Is The Answer Again:

Use TeleportService:TeleportAsync(place_id, player) To Teleport To A New Server. (No Need To Use TeleportOptions)

I Tried That, It Doesn’t Work.

So you even tried to reverseserver with same placeid?

Are You Testing In A Live Game? The Documentation Says It Doesn’t Work In Studio

You Can Read The Documentation Page, It Might Have A Better Answer

What Does That Mean, Sorry I Have Not Coded In A While.

Yes, Im Testing In Roblox Client.

Basically, if you just teleport someone to a place. They would still not be alone, you need to make an reverseServer. Which is just a new created Server

You can try what @nayro007 suggests or make sure that public servers are 1 player only

OP doesn’t need to use that when his game is singleplayer, meaning servers only have one slot.

I found the solution but thanks to everybody that tried to help!

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Can you tell us what it is?