"Sinking Ship: Roblox Britannic" Updates V1.0 to V1.2

Game released free to play on PC October 18th, 2019

October 2019
Bubble Chat Added
Night time shorter and morning time is longer
Minor fixes should be in-place to stop random funnel and gantry sounds after ship sinks
Mine collision sequence music should not be playing if you join late while other music is playing
Fixed the default water hax ocean disappearing bug

Steering wheel system implemented
Funnel steam system implemented, raise some steam!
Terrain water far-away distance rendering bug fixed
Propellers are spinning faster until wake is off
Lifeboats that are affected by the ship’s movement will stop being sucked away once wake stops
Lifeboats will be sucked into propeller more easily

November 2019
MOBILE Phone and Tablet released
*Islands appear to move more realisticly
*The automatic launching rafts now have a little bit of physics
*Risk bar moved over to side of screen on screens that are deemed small (mostly mobile phones) -(it was 50 pixels inward, awkward positioning)
*Badges for owning the Captain, Crew Member and Movie Maker gamepasses confirmed to be working, join and get your badge awarded!
*Movie maker “hide you”, “hide other players” buttons work now
*Pocketwatch: Fixed bug where it wouldn’t work after unequpping

*Wireless Room added with messaging the server system (“Attention All Roblox Britannic Players” coming soon)
*The superstructure has been remade by Cent!, Inner hull walls added
*Captain double jump added
*Floating wheels + steam lever glitch possibly fixed

*Now on XBoxOne!
(All features except the wireless room and movie maker work for XBoxOne players)

The Britannic render came out

Roblox recognized the render

December 2019
*New Christmas themed lobby
*You can rent crew member and captain!
*Fixed ship respawn glitch on new round

*Swimming animation added!
*Mute music fixed
*You can switch from patient to steward, in the lobby spawns

January 2020
*New lobby! This is the Roblox Britannic lobby! The last 2 were seasonal! Make sure to explore the upstairs for a secret room!
*VIP teleports added outside the VIP rooms, this will help you to become Crew if you bought both Crew+Captain!
*New permanent ig code found in bio

*Fixed the lowering lifeboat issue that came about both our games in the past week.
All you have to do is be near the area where the lower / raise rope button is.
You can also lower/raise it quicker by also spinning your character around
*Fixed issue where the wright flyer propellers would kill lifeboats
*Fixed issue where swimming while the wake ends would not allow you to move

April 2020
Roblox Britannic is officially part of the Roblox 2020 Egg Hunt with its standalone mission!
This is a reference the Roblox Titanic Socialite made at the end of the 2019 egg hunt for Roblox Titanic and we’re excited we made it a reality!

V1.11 and V1.12
*The Britannic builders have created a new ship, less textures, shell plating.

*You can now play V1.1 (THE OLD SHIP)
*Gangway doors work on new ship! Thanks to The_GamingPirate
*Edits to the new ship to make it lag less
-We are still continuously going to edit the new ship to add new interiors, and make it more playable to mobile players and low end PCs.

*Elevators now work
*Better Performance
*Accuracy Fixes
*Exit Signs

*Shell plating is back. We tried an experiment with a textured hull of the shell plating. We’re always trying to find a balance between detail and accessibility. Thanks for remaining supportive during all our experiments.

*Egg Hunt is officially over, the old lobby is in the game though there are some spring grassy areas
*The egg hunt is also over in the V1.1 place with the old ship

May 2020
*Small Terrain on Kea that loads in once ship stops
-Crew And Captain Only to drive it
-Don’t go behind the ship when it is moving
-Holds 8 people
*Motorboats killing normal lifeboats fixed
*Setting up lifeboats before mine fixed
*Kea Island terrain not loading should be fixed now
*People without Crew or Captain being able to drive Motorboats fixed

*F-Deck now opened
-Watertight door closeable after sinking starts, must be crew or captain
*Starboard propeller now stops during sinking
*Non crew members or captain driving motorboats fixed

June 2020
*VIP Server Controls (VIP servers are only 50 Robux for Britannic)
*Kea Island updated
*New Britannic code in group shout
*Drown Gui staying on screen fixed
*Not getting teleported from Kea fixed

*Exchange Time to Money added

*Survivals and Time leaderboards added

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