Sirexez's Portfolio!

About Me

:wave: Hello! I’m a scripter/UI enthusiast that have been on Roblox Studio for over 4+ years and scripting for 2+ years. I’ve amassed a humble 10k+ visits throughout this year and I’m looking to grow that using commissions to fuel the production of future games.

I have experience with working with clients and friends, as I’ve worked with other developers including many developers under the Roblox game RoFighters! :fire: :fire:

Showcases :point_down:

Here are some videos of the work I've done



Availability :clock10:

I will be available throughout the summer and into the rest of the year for the most part.
Feel free to commission me anytime! :smile:

Payment :dollar: :money_mouth_face:

Prices are negotiable, me personally I prefer being payed per asset. My preferred payment method is either Robux or PayPal.

Contact :iphone:

You can contact me through my discord “sirexez” (same as my Roblox username!).

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