Siro | Graphic Designer



Hi, I’m Siro/X622, I’ve been a graphic designer on here for 5 years now and been doing digital art for a decent amount of time and I’m now lookin’ for some work :smile:.


you can see my work at :

You can contact me here or on Discord (Siro#0979)

Or if you just wanna support my work , check my twitter out :

Cheers :slight_smile:


I can really vouch for Siro, he has made lots of art for me over the last few months, all with low waiting times, and extraordinary quality!

why so cheap


Seems like a very good graphics designer, will most definitely take note of this post.


There is literally no one like you.

Your art is that unique.

Deserving of a Bloxy in my opinion


I have sent you a PM and FR on Discord, I’m looking forward to working with you.


very epic guy

he’s pretty chill too and makes great GFX

i’d recommend him if you’re looking to buy a commission


Hey. I was wondering if you do Twitter banner art?


aye ig dm me if you wanna talk about it


Will take a note of this just incase I need one, great work!


re-opened commissions
discounted prices for a while
and made a neater portfolio


Siro is like one of the best graphic designers I know
His prices are also pretty cheap for what he offers, if you need a render he would be a good choice, ngl


Incredible work!


Siro has done work for me in the past and is amazing! Quick return and the best quality on Roblox.


Hats off to you, your work is amazing and inspiring!


I’m amazed again! :scream::dizzy_face: :clap:


Can vouch, worked with him in his early-development days and produced really good development work for me.

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