Sisyphus game [devlog]

so uh a while ago i made a post on this game, the feedbacks were pretty useful. the game is extremely different now, lmk what you think


ive decided to turn this into a dev log, so you’ll have to hear me rambling about how great my game is from now on


scraped together a skins gui, pretty good for 5 minutes


woah added title today and a color to selected objects, looks nicer, didnt feel like adding much today sadly. i have a test tommorow. ill add more tommorow i promise, btw join the discord server at the desc, we gonna build a community

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a polite gentlemen appears


made the early levels easier and added two new skins


UPDATE: made blahaj free due to public outcry, golden boulder is the new premium only

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Turns out I have actually played this before. I replayed it and I really liked the new menu screen. I started on stage 3 since that’s where I left off. I noticed the music sounded like it’s volume was too high, as it was distorting through my headphones.

Make a script inside the part and make the context client, and do something like this: ( write the code yourself with autofill since my code is not going to work. )

part.networkownership = game.Plaers.Localplayer

This will make the localplayer have control over the phsyics, therefore making it way better to handle when joining a multiplayer server.

Also I notice you use incrementals using 1 stud. I am proud of that, because the amount of people that call themselves a good builder, don’t use incrementals which means there build is not aligned and it makes me so annoyed.

lol, i was scared to use network ownership because of the vulnerability to exploits and such, but i guess im going trusting byfron from now on. i try to use increments all the time but there are situations where i had to resolve z-fighting and such, barely noticible though.

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heh, the menu screen is something i scrapped up in a few minutes to make the game looks a bit cleaner, glad you like it

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added a badge for people who got to stage 1. a lil encouragement i suppose, will also add a silver skin for stage 5, and a diamond skin for stage 10

oh and forgot to add this in yesterday, but i made a custom decal skin, only allows image assets though, still trying to figure out how to use marketplace decals also

bro cant be stopped, keep up the devlog man the game is going great!


added silver boulder for people that got to stage 9, giving a badge for people who donate next

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also made the player autoreset if the boulder is in the void

finally made the gamepass only id marketplace compatable :partying_face:
all thanks to this wonderful formula:

boulder.Decal.Texture = string.format("rbxthumb://type=Asset&id=%s&w=420&h=420", player.Decal.Value)

working on a new game now :pensive: thanks for reading this, yall are cool