Site 733 - Rules

Here are official rules for game “Site 773” made by SCP:F “REDACTED”.
These rules can be changed anytime by SCP:F “REDACTED” Administration.

Here are punishments what we can give you for breaking rules:

  • Verbal Warning,
  • Warning Logged in our system,
  • Kick from the game,
  • Server Ban,
  • Game Ban.

Here are the rules:

  1. Do not break ROBLOX Terms of Service. (Game Ban)
  2. Do not exploit. (Game Ban)
  3. Do not glitch. (Verbal Warning, Logged Warning, Kick, Server Ban)
  4. Do not troll our staff. (Logged Warning, Kick, Server Ban, Game Ban)
  5. Any planning to/raiding our group & game is forbidden. (Server Ban, Game Ban)
  6. Do not advertise any other games or groups. (Logged Warning & Kick, Server Ban)
  7. Do not spam or massive use Caps Lock. (Verban Warning, Logged Warning, Kick)
  8. Do not harras or discriminate other people. (Logged Warning, Kick, Server Ban, Game Ban)
  9. Rasism in our games is unacceptable and it will be heavily enforced.
    (Server Ban, Game Ban)

Don’t break the rules and have fun!
Game Administration.