Site assets are off center

Reproduction Steps

Go to your homepage, and then scroll to the bottom.

The website’s main container is too far to the left.

Not as visible on the game page, but it’s there.

Expected Behavior

The page is normal and center.

Actual Behavior

The page is more to the left than it should be by a lot

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: All pages
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly


Are you sure this is not an issue with the Roblox plugins that you have?

I checked my home page which does not have any Roblox based browser plugins and all of mine seem to be centered.

The only plugin I see doing that is RoPro, and I disabled it in those screenshote. Let me open a Firefox window to try

make sure to disable any ad blocker

Seems to be an issue with blocking ads, although that shoudln’t effect it.

I went into a fresh install of Firefox and it was fine, but I installed na adblocker and it offcentered.

Ah nvm. For some reason it seems that my home page is correctly scaled but not my game page.


I think the issue which is caused on the games is the way that the play and game details area is layed out though and don’t think much can be done about that.


disable the adblocker for site

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Alright, that fixed the home page but as @LifeDigger shows the game page is offcenter without me doing anything.

try to restart your browser or pc

Restarting stuff wont do anything here lol


why would restarting work? how?

it just wouldnt


This issue is happening to me too.

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Although the images from the OP have plugins, I am able to get the same thing with no plugins.

(In the top right of the OP’s images, we see the icons of the plugins and that means they are active.

Anyways, here is an image of what I see on a default view:

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Can reproduce on home page and on game page, even with adblocker disabled

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Don’t know if this is related but on mobile desktop mode, the description doesn’t not line up with the header etc

Report Abuse button is too far to the right as well

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I see no problem with centering, but I encountered something more interesting.

Player Counts :eyes:

Edit: Also I’m on macOS and Chrome

I think I may have found the answer: the chat box. Look at the bottom right, and you can see that I’ve expanded the chat box. If we compare the widths again while using the left edge of the chat box instead of the scroll bar, you can see that the game page is “centered.”

This is probably because the chat box would hide the games page when used. Although technically not a bug, I would like to see the website chat be overhauled someday.

Hi there, thanks for the report. Unfortunately, fixing it isn’t currently on the roadmap